Everybody of course has their personal opinion about coyote hunting and what type of coyote hunting rifles are the best. If you do not know how to hunt coyotes, we will discuss some great coyote hunting tips to get you started.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho COYOTE HUNTING


Before you take off on your trip, wear the appropriate camouflage clothing for the season so that you will blend in with the surroundings as much as possible. Coyotes have keen eyesight and whatever clothing you can wear to blend in is important. White camouflage is perfect during the winter when there is snow on the ground. Green and brown camouflage works well during the fall season when the grass, bushes and trees are starting to turn color. If you want to take your concealment to the next level, ground blinds work very well and will give you all the cover you will ever need. Also make sure you have a hunting knife with you. Remember, coyotes are predators and there are a few reports of them attacking humans. While highly unlikely, a hunting knife is a good idea in case you get into a close quarters altercation with a coyote.

It never hurts to check with friends that may have some recommendations about good locations for hunting coyotes. Pick a couple of areas that you believe would probably be the type of territory that they might frequent looking for prey. Coyotes will roam through grassy areas, ditches, ravines, timber country and of course water holes and streams.

They typically hunt in areas providing good low growing cover including bushes and thickets. Start scouting the area of your choice for any indications of coyote signs; old and fresh tracks, coyote droppings (scat) or possibly coyote dens. Many people that use coyote hunting techniques make a point of hunting down wind of where they think the coyote may be foraging. You could easily be discovered if hunting up wind with their excellent sense of smell.

Coyote hunting calls should be selected based on the types of prey that coyotes are hunting in your area. For example if you are hunting in the deserts of the west where cottontails and jack rabbits would be likely quarry then you should use a distress call for either one. If field mice and cottontail rabbits are the primary diet of coyotes in your region then a mouse squeaker and a distress call for cottontail rabbits would be the calls of choice.

After scanning the surrounding area begin making your calls in low tones to start with; in case a coyote is near by and you alarm him with a call that is too loud. After calling in soft tones a few times, you can increase the tone to a louder volume drawing them in from a distance. If you do not see any appearance of coyotes after calling for about 20 minutes or so then it is probably best to try another area.

Most people that hunt small game such as prairie dogs, rabbits, foxes and coyotes use a 22 rifle taking good shots at about 50 yards. Compared to other rifles the ammo is relatively inexpensive for this type of hunting. Others prefer a 17 Remington for longer distances of 200-250 yards when hunting coyotes.

When coyote hunting always dress to blend in with the surrounding area and select the right call to bring them in. Make sure you always hunt using the buddy system for safety. This goes with all types of hunting including pig hunting, dove hunting, or even bear hunting.

If you are stuck indoors and unable to experience real coyote hunting, there are hunting games available, such as Cabela’s Big Game Hunter, that offer coyote hunting. It’s not the real thing of course, but at least it is better than nothing if you are unable to make it outside.

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