Swarovski Binoculars Reviews

Are you looking for a high-quality binocular? Then look no more farther than the Swarovski binoculars. The range of Swarovski EL Swarovision binoculars (10X42) were launched in January 2010. Since then these devices have proved their worth from time to time. Swarovski redefined the high end binoculars by introducing these units. Right from its design to its performance: there were no loopholes in these binoculars.

The Swarovision was derived from a new technology that was introduced by the brand. The company took a huge leap in the optical technology. The new Swarovski 42-mm EL is a kind of optical device that raised the bar of the competitors. The compact design and the easy to carry device will make your activity all the more fun.

The EL offers a bright view for the users. The Swarovision technology ensures that the images are sharp and vibrant. The true to life colors will make your outing all the more entertaining. Binoculars are generally required by long range shooters and birders. The Swarovski binoculars are designed in a way that they are ideal for these kinds of users.

The following are the basic features of Swarovski EL Swarovision binoculars:

  • Outstanding optical quality
  • 67-foot minimum close focus
  • Impressive field of view
  • Incredible flat edge-to-edge performance
  • Unique digi-binning capability

The HD lenses contain fluoride and render a unique look to the devices. These units are often referred to as the “field flattener lenses.” There 2 such lenses that have been placed between the ocular lenses and the prism. These help in removing the field curvature. If you judge by the mechanism, it is an old one. But the innovative part is that this technology has been employed in the binoculars for the first time. In addition there are no edge effects or color fringing.

The EL Swarovision binoculars have a incredible field of view. Eye relief on the models of 42-mm EL is 20 mm. The coatings provided in these units are fully multi-coated. Besides, the Swarovision technology, the Swarodur and Swarotop coatings help in optimizing the image contrast and brightness. Swarobright is another patent technology from the brand that enhances the color fidelity.

If you use binoculars you will be aware of the fact that there are two kinds based on the prism type. As far as EL Swarovisions are concerned, these are roof-prism systems. They display a classic double bridge design. These binoculars are 28.9 oz in weight and might seem a heavier than the other binoculars with same magnifications. But if you are searching for an optical instrument that stands out in performance then this is the right choice for you.

The Swarovski binoculars are offered with proper caps and covers. The covers of the objective lenses have soft rubber caps and fit comfortably on the lenses. The company has added another feature to its binocular that is known as the “digi-binning”. It is a technology where a binocular can be used as a digital camera. This is one of the reasons why the Swarovski products are easily used for digiscoping as well.

The EL Swarovision binoculars provide an optical performance that is way beyond its competitors. So if you are seriously interested in buying a binocular opt for the new improved optical instruments.

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