Tips to Hunting Whitetail Deer

To hunt whitetail deer before the onset of the breeding season, you need to make a close inspection of feeding areas and deer trails, as in preparation for winter and the ensuing breeding time, both the male and female deer feed more to gain weight. The breeding season or rut varies in different locations, depending on the intensity of the climate and availability of food. The hunting season changes likewise. Hence, it is best to concentrate on the feeding areas, deer trails and water holes when you go whitetail deer hunting.

Organize Food Plots with Care:

Food plots are measured areas of land set aside to plant corn, clover, rye and other grains that are good as deer fodder. These plots vary in dimension and can be as small as a few square yards or as big as several acres. Deer prefer long and narrow food plots as they provide more security. Tempting deer by pouring grain in feeders or baiting is also an allurement. This can, however, be risky as there is a law against baiting in some states.

Where to Place the Stands for Effective Use:

Another successful tactic is to hunt in deer trails that have high traffic. These busy trails can be found between bedding and feeding areas. The stands are generally placed in the wooded part of the trails.
Deer are very animals and can smell, hear or see hunters who are well hidden. Therefore, it is important to employ extreme caution as the deer are highly guarded even when they are under cover.

Here is a quick recap of the different tactics that hunter can employ in order to come up with a prize trophy before the breeding season starts:

• Plant the fodder crops well in time.
• Locate frequently used trails to feeding areas.
• Place the stands early so that the deer can get familiar with these additions to their surroundings.
• Concentrate on and keep close to feeding area, trails and water holes.

If you follow these instructions carefully your chances of getting a good memento before the rut will be greatly enhanced.

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