Top Hunting Essential Gear for Exact Target

Hunting is many people’s favorite outdoor activities from a long time ago. Lately, this activity is upgraded into a sport and even get more attention. As a result of the development of modern technology, the hunters require a various hunting gear to support their hunting.

However, the appearances of too many hunting gears causing a confusion like how to choose the best bow sight from a thousand of different types of bow sight. Therefore, many beginners in this sport find difficulty on choosing proper gears. If you are new in this sport, do not worry. Let check a list of essential gears below before deciding what to prepare.

Hunting Binoculars

Binocular is a must item what you have to prepare for your hunting trip. At least I have never seen any hunters go hunting without a binocular in the World records. Binocular helps you with increasing your vision in the wide range. This usage is not only provided more chances to catch your targets but also can be transferred into a weapon when some predators suddenly appear from your back! So please don’t forget the best binoculars for hunting hanging on your harness while you go hunting!

You may consider choosing a waterproof binocular in case you prepare some fish for lunch. However, remember that you got what you paid for. Personally, I always prepare the binoculars offer vision even when I swim. Do not get me wrong; fish is permanently in my ‘Top 3 disliked food ever’, but I’m curious what the view would be in the water.

Of course, choosing normal binoculars for an affordable price would not be a bad idea at all if you do not think of having an underwater trip.

Hunting Rangefinder

Hunting Rangefinder is familiar with professional hunters. However, it is a brand new definition for those who only get used to going hunting. This gear plays an important role in measuring the distance from the observer to a target, in a process called ranging.

Nowadays, despite there are more and more kinds of hunting rangefinder are invented, hunters are sill tied to their traditional choices such as laser, lidar, radar, sonar and ultrasonic rangefinding.

This complicated equipment has various prices ranging from less than $ 30 to over $ 2000. Rangefinders with different prices serve different hunting aims. If you are new to hunting, you do not have to own this. Another suggestion is to purchase a low-cost rangefinder first then consider buying a more expensive one when your budget is abundant enough.

Shooting Glasses

Shooting Glasses is an essential item for everyone who takes part in this sport. The usage of a safety/shooting glasses is not only offering the eye protection required for this sport but also improving one’s accuracy obviously. With certain lens tints, safety/shooting glasses can enhance a shooter’s sightseeing to increase the successful rate of the shots.

You can find a lot of different shooting glasses models through an online website or in the sports store. Some qualified glasses may only cost about $ 20. There are those sold for $ 1 or $ 2, but trust me, you do not want to wear a windshield while hunting.

Also, wearing a stylized definitely, makes you look more fashionable. Even though this factor has no relationship with a sport that requires more skill than the appearance, but there’s an exception to every rule.

Glass/Lens Cleaner

We mentioned the glasses about; now it is their cleaner’s turn. Cleaning your eyeglasses is a way to keep them looking great and avoid lens scratches as well as protect your eyes from other eyewear damages. If you are ready to spend $ 20 for a safety/shooting glasses, do not hesitate to buy a cleaner at only $ 2.

The cleaner has three main categories including fiber cloths, individual sachets, and spray. Each category serves your demand as well as your kind of glasses.

One more thing to note, there is some cleaner containing ingredient which cannot be used on specialized glasses. Therefore, ask the shopkeeper or the seller for detailed information to ensure your glasses’ safety.

Bow Sight

This is my favorite gear all the time. Whenever we talk about hunting, people immediately think of the shooters. How about the archers? No one can argue that guns are the most effective equipment for hunting. Nevertheless, the bow has its recreational feature and advantages.

About bow sight, if you already interest in using the bow instead of the gun, you would certainly want a bow sight. The main function of a bow sight is offering a better view of the target. It sounds unimportant, but let’s take a moment to think about the different of bow and gun. Bows are not supported by any providing vision devices while you can buy a gun with an available viewfinder.

Briefly, bow sight is a key device for those who go to the forest with a bow. Nevertheless, bow with sight bow set up can be a lack of agility.

First-aid Kit

Last but not least, a first-aid kit. No matter what you do or what activities you take part in, your safety must take the first seat.

You can prepare a first-aid kit yourself instead of buying a specializing one for hunting at a high price. Firstly, research the hunting location, about types of animal, possible accidents, kinds of poisonous plants, geographical situation; and make a list of what you need then pack them into a small bag.

A few basic things that you necessarily have to carry are bandages, gloves, syringe, irrigation, medication (after bite wipe, antihistamine, aspirin, ibuprofen).

To sum up, hunting is popular for many environmental benefits. Moreover, this interesting sport also provides other health advantages it can bring to hunters such as physical balance, mental relaxation, nutrition, provides the body with an adrenaline boost. Researching on hunting gears may cost your time. However, you will realize it worth your time as well as your effect after witness your hunting improvement result. Hopefully, our list above is helpful and informative. Good luck and have fun!


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